Posted August 8, 2012

It’s Electric! Car charging stations come to Temple

<p>Two new electric car charging stations and Chevy Volt hybrid cars are available for use by members of the Temple community</p>


It was an electrifying scene on Temple’s Main Campus Wednesday afternoon as students, faculty, staff and mascot Hooter the Owl unveiled the latest initiative in the university’s effort to reduce energy consumption.

Hooter arrives in a cherry red Chevy Volt. (Elizabeth Manning)
Acting President Richard Englert plugs in one of two hybrid-electric cars that will be housed at Temple. (Elizabeth Manning)
Students dance the Electric Slide after hybrid-electric cars are introduced at Temple. (Elizabeth Manning)
One of two new electric car charging stations installed in the drive of Temple's Johnson-Hardwick residence halls. (Elizabeth Manning)

Hooter arrived with Senior Vice President for Construction, Facilities and Operations James Creedon, Assistant Vice President for Campus Development and Capital Planning Michelle Lai and Office of Sustainability Coordinator Kathleen Grady in a cherry red Chevy Volt, one of two new hybrid-electric cars that will be parked and charged at Temple as part of the popular PhillyCarShare program.

Temple Acting President Richard Englert plugged the car into one of two new electric charging stations added recently in the circular drive of Johnson and Hardwick Halls, adjoining university residence facilities. Afterward, Englert addressed the crowd and stressed that the new electric cars would help Temple reach its goal of reducing energy consumption by 25 percent in two years.

“We realize this is a very ambitious goal, but we will reach it,” he said. “We will reach it through a number of different strategies, including seeking greener forms of transportation.”

The cars and stations were provided by PhillyCarShare, an Enterprise Holdings car-sharing program. James Callahan, regional vice president of Enterprise, stressed the company’s long-standing partnership with Temple.

"We've had a great relationship with Temple University for over 25 years,” he said. “We recruit and hire about 20 graduates from Temple each year."

With five PhillyCarShare locations now on its Main Campus, Temple is encouraging the university community to seek greener forms of transportation — including through the car sharing program, ridesharing through the ZimRide online community, public mass transit and biking. This latest addition at Temple brings the number of PhillyCarShare’s electric charging stations to nine throughout the city.

The event concluded with Hooter leading more than a dozen students and staff in dancing the "Electric Slide."

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