Posted September 10, 2013

Office Supply Swap makes recycling easy at Temple

Joseph V. Labolito
Tyler School of Art junior Emily Cornuet worked throughout the summer to expand the Temple Office Supply Swap (TOSS), a re-use program operated by the Computer Recycling Center (CRC). Students, faculty and staff can stop by TOSS in room 301 of the TECH Center every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. to pick up or drop off supplies at no charge.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the mantra of many sustainability programs, but the Computer Recycling Center (CRC) is making it easier for members of the university to put the phrase into action with their pilot project, the Temple Office Supply Swap (TOSS).

Every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m., students, faculty and staff can stop by TOSS in room 301 of the TECH Center to pick up or drop off supplies at no charge. Available supplies include binders, hanging folders, organization items, keyboard keys and more.

Although the pilot has existed in similar forms in the past, junior Tyler School of Art student Emily Cornuet worked throughout the summer to increase awareness of the program. She plans to expand the initiative while continuing to promote it across the university.

“I’m not really into computers, but I am big on recycling,” said Cornuet. "I am excited to go out and talk to people and market the program. People see recycling as boring, but this way you can physically get something out of it, and the swap is more interactive.”

Since TOSS has been implemented, CRC Assistant Director Jonathan Lakto has seen an average of 15 to 20 visitors a week. Rather than viewing the initiative as a way to get free stuff, Latko wants people to focus on the swap element. “As long as good material comes in and goes out, we will continue the pilot,” said Latko. “We hope that through increased advertising, we will be even more successful.”

Along with TOSS, the CRC operates other programs focused on reducing waste at the university, including a plastic bag recycling initiative and recycling of printer cartridges. Plastic bags Nos. 2 and 4 can be recycled at designated bins on campus, including locations in Alter Hall, Anderson Hall and Gladfelter Hall. The CRC is also the main recycling center for ink cartridges in the university, recycling more than four tons of cartridges and ink just last year.

These programs not only reduce environmental impact, they also cut costs. “It is less expensive to recycle, so everything we keep out of the trash saves the university money,” said Latko.

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