Posted November 2, 2011

Seventeen Temple faculty accept awards for university service

From left, Gerard F. Brown, Karen M. Turner, Jennifer Ibrahim, Lynn A. Mandarano, Michael W. Jackson, Jane Pontious, Shriram B. Pillapakkam, Leroy Dubeck, James A. Shellenberger, Sarah A. Gray, Ellen A. Walker, Samuel D. Hodge, Jr., Bernie S. Newman, S. Kenneth Thurman, Joyce Z. Lindorff. Not shown: Willis F. Overton, Pekka Mooar.
Michael W. Jackson, professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality and one of the 2011 faculty honorees, welcomed audience members at the first annual Outstanding Faculty Service Awards ceremony.
Faculty Senate President Paul LaFollette addresses the audience at the first annual Outstanding Faculty Service Awards ceremony.

The Office of the Provost and Faculty Senate Steering Committee recently hosted an awards ceremony honoring 17 Temple faculty for their service contributions to their department or college or participation in university-wide activities.

Speakers at the Oct. 20 event, which was held in Alter Hall’s MBA Commons, included Temple Provost Richard Englert and Faculty Senate President Paul LaFollette.

"This ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to bring together a distinguished group of faculty who have made such significant contributions to their departments, schools and colleges and the university,” said Provost Englert. “Their work continues to strengthen Temple as a vibrant urban university."

Awards were presented to one faculty member from each of Temple’s schools and colleges. Honorees were given a certificate recognizing their outstanding service efforts.


Recipients were:

• Gerard F. Brown, Tyler School of Art

• Samuel D. Hodge Jr., Fox School of Business and Management

• Karen M. Turner, School or Communications and Theater

• Sarah A. Gray, Maurice H. Kornberg School of Denistry

• S. Kenneth Thurman, College of Education

• Shriram B. Pillapakkam, College of Engineering

• Lynn A. Mandarano, School of Environmental Design

• Jennifer Ibrahim, College of Health Professions and Social Work

• James A. Shellenberger, Beasley School of Law

• Willis F. Overton, College of Liberal Arts

• Pekka Mooar, School of Medicine

• Joyce Z. Lindorff, Boyer College of Music and Dance

• Ellen A. Walker, School of Pharmacy

• Jane Pontious, School of Podiatric Medicine

• Leroy W. Dubeck, College of Science and Technology

• Bernie S. Newman, School of Social Work

• Michael W. Jackson, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management



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