Posted May 22, 2020

Puzzle over this Temple-themed crossword

While away the summer hours with a brain teaser made for Owls

TU crossword image
Photography By: 
Illustration by Didier Garcia


Now that the spring semester’s wrapped up, you can finally enjoy some much-needed downtime—and you more than earned it. 

But try to keep your mind nimble during these slowed-down summer days. 

Between Netflix binges, test your wits with this Temple-themed crossword puzzle.

Every answer in this puzzle has some connection to Temple University, whether it's a person, a location, a time-honored motto or something else entirely.

Print it, digitally doodle it or complete the crossword anyway you’d like. Just make sure to share and tag @TempleUniv to get those cherry and white bragging rights! 

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Clicking anywhere on the above image will take you to a printable pdf file of the puzzle.