Posted February 3, 2021

Flying Further together

Executive Vice President and Provost JoAnne A. Epps shares why this is the right moment for the university to embark on a strategic planning process.



As the university looks ahead to 2034, there’s a lot to consider. What will the Temple experience of tomorrow look like? With the landscape of higher education changing, and as we face new challenges, it’s important for us to be thoughtful about how we can respond to new opportunities and carry our values into the future. 

In this video, Temple Vice President and Provost JoAnne A. Epps explains why now is the right time for Flying Further, the university’s strategic planning process, and what she hopes the university will discover by engaging in it.

“It’s always been important for us to think strategically about what we do, what we offer and how we can remain a destination of choice,” Epps said. “COVID has accelerated our attention to the force of change. We’ve learned a lot about our ability to deliver education in different ways, but the need for us to think thoughtfully is very important.”