Image of PhD student at the College of Engineering, Jordan Langston.
Temple PhD students receive prestigious F31 research grants
Doctoral students begin their Ruth L. Kirschstein National Institutes of Health research fellowships.
January 10, 2022
Min-Seok Pang of the Department of Management Information Systems pictured.
Study shows verified users are among biggest culprits when it comes to sharing fake news
The new studies include several new insights about how fake news spreads.
November 9, 2021
Temple faculty member Deborah Cai pictured.
Is it OK to ask, ‘Are you vaccinated?’
Klein College faculty member Deborah Kai explains how to ask about a person’s vaccination status.
July 29, 2021
New laws set to level collegiate playing field
Thilo Kunkel discusses his name, image and likeness research and its impact.
Temple professor Santiago Orrego
Seeking dental solutions through the power of smart materials
Temple’s Santiago Orrego recently received a $200,000 grant to develop a smart gel that fights dental infection and promotes tissue growth through electricity.
a faucet for drinking water
Ensuring area residents have safe drinking water
College of Public Health researchers are testing the cleanliness of private well water in Philadelphia area homes.
Lewis Katz School of Medicine
A $2.5 million grant will help researchers better predict hospital readmission among patients with diabetes
The researchers are developing a tool that will accurately determine the 30-day readmission risk among patients who have diabetes.
The Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Temple researchers identify a cardiac protein that causes heart failure
Two new studies find a possible target for treating a broad range of heart dysfunction.
Slobodan Vucetic
Temple researchers help people with neurodevelopmental disabilities succeed in IT jobs
A multidisciplinary team is developing job assistance software for those with neurodevelopmental disabilities, thanks to a $2.3 million NSF grant.
Temple flag outside Sullivan Hall
COVID-19 poses increased risk to those with autism or intellectual disability
While people with autism or intellectual disability face the same risk of contracting COVID-19 as the general public, they are more likely to die from it.
Data analysis identifies the “mother” of all SARS-CoV-2 genomes
In the absence of “patient zero,” Temple researchers have found the first coronavirus genome.
New grant fuels Alzheimer’s research at Temple
A $3.8 million grant will support an investigation of risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease by Temple researchers.
Prevention Point
How can we best communicate public health concerns to vulnerable populations
A College of Public Health study is exploring COVID-19’s impact on individuals with substance use disorder.