Haason Reddick pictured from his time as a Temple Owl.
What’s the best way for an athlete to build their brand? Lead a team to the Super Bowl
Jalen Hurts and Haason Reddick have seen their brands explode in popularity given the role they played in taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl
February 3, 2023
Bell Tower lit green pictured.
‘The Philadelphia economy was not built on the sale of championship T-shirts’
Philadelphia’s recent sport success is great for the city but does not have the economic impact that you might expect.
February 1, 2023
Researchers review data on a screen.
Temple mathematicians part of key study on AI-powered cruise control
Temple researchers are studying whether AI-equipped vehicles can contribute to better fuel efficiency and traffic relief.
January 30, 2023
Bryant Simon pictured.
Stalled progress: The history of the bathroom is a lesson in inequality
Bryant Simon to publish book that looks at the history of the public restroom
Sam Hodge pictured.
The future of medicine is artificial
Samuel Hodge’s new legal review article examines how AI in medicine could impact the legal system
Image of Iyad Obeid sitting in an engineering lab.
A new innovation network accelerates the impact of scientific discoveries
Temple has become part of the NSF I-Corps Hub Northeast Region
 Image of Jamie Payton standing with her laptop in hand.
Temple-headquartered STARS Computing Corps receives a $3 million National Science Foundation grant
STARS Computing Corps, headquartered at Temple, will use this new grant to expand its mission and initiatives
College of Public Health study highlights importance of gender-affirming healthcare
New CPH study supports benefits of gender-affirming healthcare.
Graphic illustrates how gun violence increased in Philadelphia during the pandemic.
Connecting the dots between gun violence and drug markets
A new study offers insights into what drives gun violence around Philadelphia.
 Image of PhD student at the College of Engineering, Jordan Langston.
Temple PhD students receive prestigious F31 research grants
Doctoral students begin their Ruth L. Kirschstein National Institutes of Health research fellowships.
Min-Seok Pang of the Department of Management Information Systems pictured.
Study shows verified users are among biggest culprits when it comes to sharing fake news
The new studies include several new insights about how fake news spreads.
Temple faculty member Deborah Cai pictured.
Is it OK to ask, ‘Are you vaccinated?’
Klein College faculty member Deborah Kai explains how to ask about a person’s vaccination status.
New laws set to level collegiate playing field
Thilo Kunkel discusses his name, image and likeness research and its impact.