Staff & Faculty

Gabriel Kaprielian wearing a black button down shirt and black pants
Envisioning resilient cities
Tyler professor and Fulbright scholar uses digital platforms to imagine how cities can respond to climate change.
September 1, 2021
Temple university professor Charles A. Price
Untangling the controversy around critical race theory
Charles A. Price, an associate professor at the College of Education and Human Development, explains the history of and debates surrounding critical race theory.
August 5, 2021
Heath Fogg Davis standing by a staircase with a red background.
How the gender identity revolution impacts society
With the growing changes to how we identify ourselves, Heath Fogg Davis explains the ways pronouns and names influence our lives.
August 4, 2021
 Andrea Vassar wearing glasses and standing in front of a sign that is blurred.
Accessibility before and after the pandemic
Temple’s director of Disability Resources and Services talks about how returning to campus may impact students with disabilities.
Temple University professor Jenny Kowalski
Designing an experimental pathway to accessibility
Tyler’s Jenny Kowalski recently received a grant to continue her work bringing accessible design to the screen.
Image of a student at work in Charles Library.
‘Pandemic brain’ is making it harder for us to focus
The pandemic has altered the way our brains function, making it harder for us to concentrate.
Image of a staff member at Temple University.
A new affinity group at Temple strengthens the Asian and Pacific Islander community
The group aims to bolster the Asian American and Pacific Islander community at Temple.
Jennifer Pollitt standing in front of a concrete building, wearing a white t-shirt.
Why aromantic and asexual people belong in LGBTQIA+ community
Professor of gender, sex and sexuality discusses the positive impact aromantics and asexuals make on the LGBTQIA+ community.
An Owl statue spreads its wings on Temple's Main Campus.
Fox professor discusses the ‘business of Pride’
Associate Professor Jeffrey Boles discusses the benefits, opportunities and challenges of corporate-sponsored Pride.
Tiffenia Archie smiling in the Student Center
Ensuring everyone has an opportunity to dance
Temple’s Tiffenia Archie discusses why inclusion is a priority on campus.
The Bell Tower with budding pink flowers in the foreground.
Essential employees enable Temple to fulfill its mission
Meet the Temple heroes who maintained campus operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Temple flag flying above red flowers.
Faculty members celebrated for teaching, research, service and creative achievement
The annual awards recognize the achievements and contributions of Temple’s faculty.
Temple University professor Jamie Fader
How being labeled as a superpredator has impacted a generation of Black and Hispanic men
Temple Criminal Justice Professor Jamie Fader examined the fallout from the superpredator label.