Posted June 26, 2012

Babysitting camp teaches teens childcare basics

Area kids receive a 1-day training in the basics of babysitting at Temple's Ambler campus.


Even in a slow economy, one job remains in high demand: a good babysitter. But how can parents be sure that the teenager showing up at their door is prepared for this important role?

A babysitting camp hosted at Temple Ambler is designed to offer such assurance by providing young people with instruction in basic childcare skills, backed up by a certificate from the American Red Cross.

The daylong camp teaches prospective sitters important skills for caring for infants and toddlers, including how to hold, feed and burp them and how to change a diaper.

According to Camp Coordinator Katie Morales, the program has the added benefit of introducing middle and high school students to life on a college campus.

“Maybe in the future they'll remember, ‘Oh, I took a really fun class at Temple. I want to go there,’” she said.