Posted August 28, 2012

Temple Made branding campaign launches on campus, online

Are you Temple Made?

If you're a student, alumnus, faculty member, employee or admirer of the Philadelphia institution, chances are you will soon notice the university's Temple Made branding effort, designed to promote the impact Temple has on its students, its city and the nation.

The first signs of the campaign popped up on the university's Main Campus as students were moving in last week. A series of banners featuring students and employees with their faces painted in Temple's iconic cherry and white have been strung in high profile locations like the Bell Tower, Polett Walk and inside the Student Center.

Similar images are popping up throughout the region, from billboards and bus stops to newspaper and television advertisements.

The initial round of Temple Made promotions highlights Temple's first season of football as a member of the BIG EAST Conference, a move that has value in athletics, academics, student life and throughout the university.

"Our entry into the BIG EAST provides us with the opportunity to communicate to our peers that across disciplines and on a global stage, that the Temple University community is making things happen," said President Richard M. Englert. "This new campaign lets us tell all the amazing stories and achievements that are Temple Made."

The campaign also has elements that reach beyond the playing field. For example, other promotions illustrate the pride and determination of Temple's students and alumni with messages like "Self Made. Philly Made. Temple Made." Approximately 4,000 freshmen students received T-shirts during Welcome Week with the slogan emblazoned on its front.

Initial response to the Temple Made campaign has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, especially on social media such as Twitter. "#TempleMade and so, so proud," wrote one student. "LOVE THIS. #TempleU pride forever," tweeted another.

"Temple is a vibrant university, and its students are here because they want a high quality education in one of this nation's great cities. We wanted to capture the energy and enthusiasm that comes from our students, our faculty and everyone on campus," said Nicole Naumoff, associate vice president of advancement communications and marketing.

The university hired an advertising agency to develop the concepts and creative ideas behind the Temple Made campaign. Neiman, based in Philadelphia, realized the campaign could tap into the creativity and energy that's reflected in the university's people.

"The best part of the campaign is that so much of it is really made by the people at Temple," Naumoff said. "Our students, alumni and staff have generated so much of what people will be seeing and hearing over the next several months."

The campaign's versatility will be highlighted later this fall as a version of the Temple Made initiative will be rolled out for the university's Undergraduate Admissions office. A new Admissions micro-website will feature a changing series of photographs that have been taken by members of the Temple community via instagram and marked with the #templemade hashtag.

The first call for Temple images marked with the hashtag went out via social media in mid-August. More than 600 images have been taken so far, and dozens more are coming in every day.

"To have the opportunity again to make a difference for Temple, one of our longtime friends and respected partners, is so meaningful to us," said Tim Reeves, Neiman CEO. "Temple is a special place that is making an important mark in U.S. higher education."

"The Temple marketing team is eager to craft communications that mirror that potential, and to set new standards of excellence in U.S. higher ed marketing," Reeves said. “Our team developed thinking to help them do just that.”