Posted January 14, 2013

Temple adopts new policies for minors who come to campus

The university has instituted two new policies designed to help ensure the safety of minors while visiting campus. The policies come after a special task force established last fall recommended changes or new rules for visitors to campus.

One policy covers visitors and volunteers who come to campus, while a second is specifically geared to minors on campus. Both make it clear that minors, visitors and volunteers are subject to all universities policies and procedures, and that anyone who brings minors on campus is covered under the new policies.

"Minors come to campus for a variety of reasons: to visit family members, to gain a better sense of what Temple is like as they consider their own educations, or to participate in campus events.  It's important for us to be clear about our expectations for their time at Temple," said Fay Trachtenberg, associate university counsel. “At the same time, we need to ensure they will be safe while they are our guests.”

The policies are meant to be comprehensive and cover activities such as athletic camps, academic programs, music camps and laboratories and workshops intended for elementary through high school students. Among the major provisions in the policies are:

  • Requirements that those running programs with minors inform the Office of Risk Management and Insurance at least 60 days before the program starts. If minors are staying on campus overnight for the program, University Housing and Residential Life must also be notified.
  • The need for background checks to be performed for all authorized adults participating in the program. Similar checks are required of student teachers working in area schools.
  • A mandatory training session, either live or online, that must be completed by the adults to raise awareness of the university’s policies and how best to protect minors while they’re on campus.

There are also specific requirements for minor student athletes and prospects who come to campus for a visit while scouting the university. In addition, those who want to have a minor stay overnight in the residence hall for any reason are also subject to the new policy provisions.

Copies of the new policies and the associated consent form are available at the university's Policies and Procedures website and can be found by searching for "Minor Visitors On Campus Policy And Procedures" and "Visitor And Volunteer Policy And Procedures."