Posted March 20, 2014

Physics Department highlighted at American Physical Society meeting

Video Production: WebsEdgeEducation

A video showcasing the faculty, research, facilities and growth in Temple’s Department of Physics in the College of Science and Technology debuted at the March meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) in Denver.

The video was produced by APSTV and highlights the cutting-edge research of Physics Chair Rongjia Tao; Laura H. Carnell Professor of Physics and Chemistry John Perdew; Laura H. Carnell Professor Xiaoxing Xi; and professors Marjatta Lyyra, Zein-Eddine Meziani and Bernd Surrow.

In addition to the faculty and their research, the video also focuses on the Science Education and Research Center—currently under construction—and its impact on the Physics Department.

Tao said the video was received positively from many of his APS colleagues at the meeting, which was attended by approximately 10,000 physicists, scientists and students.