Posted April 6, 2015

Financial Literacy Month teaches important life lessons

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Various events, part of Temple University's Financial Literacy Month, will take place throughout the month in order to inform the campus community of the importance of financial wellness.

April 1, typically known as April Fools Day, kicked off National Financial Literacy Month. Yet, financial literacy, or financial wellness, is certainly no joke.

For the third year in a row, Temple University has held a series of events as part of its own Financial Literacy Month initiative. Throughout April, the Bursar’s Office, the Fox School of Business, and other schools and departments across the university will hold various events to inform students—as well as alumni, faculty, staff and prospective students—of the importance of financial wellness.

Topics covered during the month of events include managing student and consumer debt, budgeting, investing and financial planning. Events for targeted audiences include one designed to help veterans take advantage of their benefits and one intended to help women hone salary negotiation skills.

These programs alone, though, will not work without students making a concerted effort to understand their finances and make smart financial decisions.

“The program is designed to help give people the tips they need to succeed now and in the future,” said David R. Glezerman, assistant vice president and bursar at Temple. “It’s especially important for students, because the decisions you make as a young person will affect you later in life.”

Below are highlights from Temple’s Financial Wellness event series. These events are open to Temple students, alumni, faculty and staff. For a complete list of events, visit the TU calendar.

- Erica Brooke Fajge