Posted March 28, 2019

Faculty members earn accolades for teaching, research, creative excellence

The annual Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards ceremony, which recognize faculty for exemplary work, included an inaugural award this year for part-time teaching.

Provost JoAnne A. Epps at a podium
Photography By: 
Joseph V. Labolito
Provost and Executive Vice President JoAnne A. Epps addresses the audience during the Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards ceremony on March 28.

Temple’s faculty contributes invaluably to the university’s top-tier research and teaching that shapes students to become leaders in their fields. 

Each year, several faculty members are recognized for excellence in their work at the Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards ceremony—recognizing the highest honors for teaching and research at Temple.

Awardees are nominated by current and former students, as well as colleagues at Temple and other institutions. This year, the inaugural Part-time Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Instruction Awards will be given to up to three faculty members. 

Awards were presented during the annual ceremony on March 28. This year’s honorees, along with a selection of quotes from their nomination packets, are detailed below.


David Schuff

David Schuff, research professor and chair, Management Information Systems, Fox School of Business and Management
“David has a mastery of the most fundamental, and yet rare, ability of a teacher: to break down highly complex and abstract concepts, explaining them in a way that takes very little effort to understand, or even to get excited about. Not only does he excel in assisting students to understand how technology functions, but he enables them to think independently about the practical uses and implementations of those technological concepts.”
—former student

Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris, professor of media studies and production, Klein College of Media and Communication
“Nancy treats teaching like she treats her research: something to be studied carefully, to master, and to innovate upon. Her wisdom was vital to me this year when I returned to the classroom as an adjunct after several years of guest lecturing here and there, but not teaching my own classes.”

Lawrence Kaplan

Lawrence Kaplan, clinical professor of medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“Narrative comments from students have given Dr. Kaplan special recognition for his ability to clearly communicate challenging material, and consider him an outstanding role model of the caring and compassionate physician. Students consider Dr. Kaplan a wonderful teacher, and recognize his love of teaching, dedication to their learning and creativity.”


Merian Soto

Merián Soto, professor of dance, Boyer College of Music and Dance
“What I have experienced with Merián’s work is a constant and steady shaping force—the way streaming water shapes rock. Applied over time, her moving images take on the timeless quality of stone monuments, even as the dance articulates time and space in arcs of motion. Hers is a great talent, and I am happy to have worked with her.”


Philip C. Kendall

Philip C. Kendall, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts
“Dr. Kendall is arguably the world’s leading authority in the psychological treatment of anxiety disorders in children and youth. His Coping Cat manual, which has been translated into several languages and is widely utilized in evidence-based practice settings around the world, has set the bar against which all other efforts are measured, and most of all these efforts have borrowed more than a bit from the original.”


Mary F. Barbe

Mary F. Barbe, professor of anatomy and cell biology, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“Professor Barbe has led a distinguished career whose scientific endeavors have answered critical questions that have immediate clinical application…. Mary is an exemplary scientist, educator, mentor, and advisor to clinicians, and I think she has duly earned the award for which she has been nominated.”


Christine L. Anderson

Christine L. Anderson, associate professor of vocal arts, Boyer College of Music and Dance
“The knowledge and experience I gained under Dr. Anderson’s tutelage has been imperative to my life as a choral director…. I credit Dr. Anderson with being the vocal pedagogue who showed me, through lessons and classes with her, what responsibility meant as a performer and teacher.”
—former student

Lynne M. Andersson

Lynne M. Andersson, associate professor of human resource management, Fox School of Business and Management
“Whether it be her passion for her field, her dedication to her students, or her commitment to the environment, Lynne brings a supreme level of enthusiasm and her penchant for positivity to everything she does. She is a great inspiration to me and continues to be a treasured friend and mentor.”
—former student

Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover, professor of film and media arts, School of Theater, Film and Media Arts
“The man injects beauty into his pedagogy through form and structure. As a student in his back-to-back international cinema courses, I felt symmetry and elegance throughout my senior year…. He also made sure to cut all busy work from his courses. His careful planning and desire to get straight to the matter at hand is still a model for my own curriculum, event, or workshop design. He taught me not to hide behind convention and to pay attention to the signal-to-noise ratio in any endeavor.”
—former student

Judith Litvin Daniels

Judith Litvin Daniels, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“Her dedication and time commitment are excellent and impressive, but it’s Dr. Litvin Daniels’ passion for discovery and willingness to impart this passion in the classroom that makes her a truly exceptional educator. She imparts a high level of enthusiasm, innovation and knowledge that always made her lectures, small group sessions and demonstrations memorable and engaging.”
—former student

Nicole M. Sifontis

Nicole M. Sifontis, clinical professor of pharmacy practice, School of Pharmacy
“Dr. Sifontis is an extraordinary educator. She continuously reflects on the quality of her teaching and student achievement in her classes in order to make improvements. She has been an innovator in every teaching setting and has enhanced the quality of every endeavor to which she commits.”

Matt Wray

Matt Wray, associate professor of sociology, College of Liberal Arts
“It’s clear what a positive impact Dr. Wray had on my undergraduate experience, but it extended beyond graduation. His urban health class seven years ago quite literally changed my life. By exhibiting so clearly how one’s location and subsequent access to resources directly affects their quality of life, he ignited my passion to provide people access to those important resources.”
—former student


Eunsook Ha Rhee

Eunsook Ha Rhee, associate professor of instruction in English, College of Liberal Arts
“A review of Professor Rhee’s Student Feedback Forms from the last few years demonstrates that students feel comfortable in her classes and are confident that their writing is improving over the course of the semester due to her instruction…. Students report that Professor Rhee provides excellent and detailed feedback on their papers and that she offers plenty of individual support through one-on-one conferences.”


Thomas Leslie Robinson

Thomas Leslie Robinson, adjunct instructor in English, College of Liberal Arts
“Professor Robinson is an outstanding teacher, a great colleague, and he has consistently put time and effort into assessing and developing his teaching methods and materials.” 

Sarina R. Miller

Sarina R. Miller, adjunct instructor in Art History, Tyler School of Art
“Professor Miller is a passionate professor who takes every student’s opinion and ideas into consideration in order to adapt her teaching to the entire class. She is able to individualize her teaching in a way that the most motivated students always feel challenged, while helping students with difficulties to succeed in the course.”
—former student

Jan Gera

Jan Gera, adjunct instructor in Advertising and Public Relations, Klein College of Media and Communication
“Jan is an extraordinary teacher and a content expert: she has has her own media consulting firm since 1990, through which she provides her clients with media planning and buying services as well as marketing consultation. She brings to the classroom the ideal combination of up-to-date media and marketing expertise, along with outstanding pedagogical skills and great personal warmth.”