Posted January 23, 2024

Temple student enjoys ‘incredible experience’ as Google intern

Senior College of Science and Technology student Prince Geutler has spent the last two summers interning in the Bay Area with Google. 

Prince Geutler pictured.
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Joseph V. Labolito
Prince Geutler, a senior computer science major, has spent the last two summers interning at Google.

For the past two summers, Prince Geutler has been interning with Google—the fourth-largest company in the world measured by market cap. He has helped Google’s Cloud Division by developing software to help gather server performance metrics within Google’s massive server infrastructure.  

It’s been an incredible ride for the senior computer science major at Temple University’s College of Science and Technology, who is set to graduate in May. It also has set the stage for the start of a very succcessful software engineering career. 

“This has just been an incredible experience,” said Geutler, who is a native of Germany but moved to the Philadelphia area as a child and graduated from Lower Merion High School. “Within the internship, you get great mentorship from all of the engineers around you, and everybody is very, very helpful. They have great insights, and I feel so confident now as I move forward and get ready to start my career.” 

According to Geutler, each intern is assigned a major project during a summer internship at Google.  

“I was working on the boot process of Google servers, which is basically the start up of a Google server. So you can kind of compare that to the process that occurs when you press the on or start-up button on your laptop or phone,” Geutler said. 

While Geutler said that his time as an intern at Google has been great, the overall experience of spending two summers as a young professional in the Bay Area has been equally rewarding. 

“You get to be part of this intern network, and it’s really great,” Geutler said. 

The interns often find themselves doing all kinds of fun activities together.  

Feeling outdoorsy? That calls for a hike at Yosemite National Park. Want to relax? Then they might just decide to go out to a movie. Really looking for a thrill? A quick trip to go sky diving is not out of the question. 

As he nears his graduation this May, Geutler is thankful for all of the experiences that he has had, both as a student and as intern. He also appreciates the key role in how Temple helped prepare him and set him on the path for success. 

“One class that really helped me was Data Structures, and that was taught by Andrew Rosen, associate professor of instruction in computer science. Technical interviews at Google are oftentimes all about data structures, and I felt like Dr. Rosen did a tremendous job,” Geutler said. 

Geutler said the Temple University Career Center also played a key role in his journey to Google. 

“I worked very hard at getting my resume ready and the Career Center was very helpful in making sure I was ready. They also helped me with mock interviews. For any student who is looking to secure an internship or job, I highly suggest that you seek out their services,” Geutler said. “When I was looking for internships, as soon as I saw that the Google application opened, I thought why not try my luck, and I submitted my resume.” 

It turns out that Geutler’s luck is good. And, as he is proven over these last two summers, he was also very much up to the task.