Posted May 16, 2024

Making medical discoveries: Temple senior’s journey in medical research

Reza Abdavies looks ahead to working as a clinical research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

#TempleMade for clinical research assistant, CHOP
Photography By: 
Betsy Manning

Name: Reza Abdavies 
Degree: BS, Biology
College: College of Science and Technology
Hometown: Marlborough, MA

Big Future: Clinical research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Why Temple: Growing up in rural Massachusetts, Reza Abdavies felt eager to explore a lifestyle filled with diverse cultures and vibrant urban life, ultimately leading him to Philadelphia. Drawn in by the vast array of extracurricular activities and the dynamic academic environment, Abdavies knew that Temple’s College of Science and Technology (CST) was where he could thrive. His decision was solidified after touring the campus and feeling an immediate connection to the community and its offerings. At Temple, Abdavies pursued his passion for biology, setting out for a career focused on helping others and making a difference. This journey has shaped the foundation of Abdavies’ eventual transition toward pre-med studies. 

Academic highlights: A pivotal moment in Abdavies’ academic journey at Temple was his immersion in Parasitology (BIOL 3243). The course emphasizes the identification, pathology and control of significant medical parasites, complemented by hands-on laboratory experience. Through his journey in the course, Abdavies found his perspective on medical research especially broadened. Supporting his development, Professor William Bowie, who taught Organic Chem Lab, provided mentorship to Abdavies. Throughout the course, Bowie clarified complex concepts, enhancing Abdavies’ confidence and proficiency in lab work.

Standout internship: Abdavies’ ambition and curiosity led him to the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, where he delved into the effects of essential micronutrients and their effects on the epithelial barrier function. This significant internship experience not only resulted in a co-authored publication, but also solidified his passion for research, setting a firm foundation for his future career in medical research at CHOP. 

Philly life: Living in Philly, Abdavies has especially enjoyed the variety of culinary experiences within the city. One of his favorite restaurant discoveries has been Chubby Cattle, located in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Closer to Temple, the campus’ food trucks have also remained some of Abdavies’ notable favorites.

Temple Made moment: One of Abdavies’ most fulfilling experiences was serving as a peer leader in CST. In this role, he helped incoming students navigate the transition to college life, empowering them in their personal growth and development. This position highlighted his own growth as an undergraduate and emphasized the impact of Temple’s community-oriented education.

Hootable: “Make sure you are taking the time to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things from joining organizations to taking a random class that seems interesting to you. Remember to have fun along the way.”

 -Avery Bumsted, Class of 2025