Posted March 7, 2007

IPA conducts poll for Economy League of Greater Philadelphia


In a new joint venture for Temple University, the Institute for Public Affairs joined with the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia to produce a poll on Philadelphians’ opinions about their city and its current issues as the mayoral election draws near.

The poll, “Priorities and Performance: Philadelphians’ Opinions about Philadelphia,” was released on March 3.

“We're delighted to be working with the Economy League, an organization dedicated to bringing knowledge and information to bear on the policy-making process,” said Michael G. Hagen, director of the IPA.

“This project, emphasizing the substance of what Philadelphians think and want over the horse race among the mayoral candidates, confirms that dedication.”

Some key findings from the poll include:

* Fifty-three percent of those polled said the city was an excellent place to live.

* Two-thirds said reducing the city’s murder rate was more important than making their own street a safer place to live.

* Only 3 percent think Philadelphia public schools are excellent.

* Twenty-six percent said the city government is doing a good or excellent job; 54 percent said it was fair; 19 percent said the government does a poor job.

A feature story describing the findings of the “Priorities and Performance” poll was

published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on March 4.

For complete results and more information on the poll, visit