Posted May 27, 2009

The making of a model student

The fashion bloggers love his look, online model enthusiasts think he’s the next big thing and his classmates are excited about his television appearance. But, Sandhurst Miggins is taking all of his newfound popularity in stride.

Born and raised on the small island of Tobago in the south Caribbean, Miggins did not set out to be a model. In fact, he started taking modeling seriously just two months before attending an open casting call for Bravo TV’s Make Me a Supermodel reality show.

Sandhurst Miggins

“I went to Trinidad and Tobago’s inaugural fashion week and was asked by one of the designers to walk in her collection,” said Miggins, a strategic and organizational communications major in the School of Communications and Theater. “While I was there a fashion editor from New York City asked me to walk in one of his shows. So basically that was my extent of modeling experience — luck and being in the right place at the right time.”

Miggins was cast on Make me a Supermodel and competed with 20 other models for supermodel status. The competition was tough, but Miggins quickly established himself as one to watch, winning several modeling challenges and the praises of judges and fans alike. 

Both of his parents have been supporting of his career choice, though his mother Deborah Moore-Miggins, a lawyer and former Senator in Trinidad and Tobago, sometimes pushes him to consider following in her footsteps.

“Modeling did come out of left field for them but my father is a firm believer that I am destined to be a star of some sort whether on the stage or on the runway,” he said. “I decided in my final year at school to pursue a career that is not as secure as law, but they are still excited about the possibilities that may come from it.”

Named after the Sandhurst Royal British Military Academy, Miggins, who is trained in ballet and modern dance forms, was attracted to Temple because of its close proximity to the Rock School of Dance, where he planned continue his dance training. However, the graduating senior has settled on a career in the fashion industry.

“I definitely have settled on modeling as a career — however, I am realistic,” he said. “It was important for me to finish my degree because modeling does not last forever. But there is life after modeling and I need to be prepared for it.”

As the season continued to air and anxious fans waited for the outcome, Miggins returned to campus and completed his final year of study. Although the competition was challenging, he says he learned a lot from the experience.

“The most important lesson that I learned was that you can’t be self-conscious about anything,” he said. “With a camera in your face broadcasting every physical flaw or personality defect, you can’t help but stop caring about the negatives.”