Posted January 9, 2008

Podiatry dean talks healthcare with presidential candidate Clinton

Several members of the First National Guild for Health Care Providers of the Lower Extremities, a national union of podiatrists, met with Senator Hillary Clinton last month to discuss podiatry’s role in the healthcare delivery system.

John A. Mattiacci (left), dean of the School of Podiatric Medicine and president and founder of the guild, discussed with the presidential candidate legislation that would allow podiatrists to participate in the development of healthcare solutions posed by future administrations.

Photo courtesy
School of Podiatric Medicine

This meeting came as a result of the senator’s recent televised reference to podiatric healthcare, aspects of which aren’t covered by Medicare.

“Having access to podiatric preventative care will become increasingly important as the aging population continues to grow, particularly in regard to chronic diseases such as diabetes, poor circulation, arthritis and chronic non-healing diabetic ulcers,” said Mattiacci. “When we can save a limb, we can save millions of dollars in healthcare costs while ensuring a good quality of life for the patient.”