Posted August 31, 2017

7 resources you didn’t know the library has

DYK that some textbooks are available as e-books, aka digital books that are cheaper and not heavy? The library has an improved search tool that makes it easy to find what you need. While you’re online shopping for almond butter e-books, check out what else the library offers: live chat if you need help, streaming services that feature new releases, tech rentals and more.

An iPad with a photo of book spines on the screen.

1. Get e-books
When a new semester starts, it’s no surprise that everyone heads to the library to see if they can borrow their textbooks instead of dropping so much money. Since the library doesn’t generally have commercial textbooks, and other materials that the library does have are limited in quantity, e-books are an easy solution. On the library's website you can search for your textbook. Then, on the next page you’ll have the option to look specifically at the online options.

2. Live chat with a librarian  
These folks are able to help you with most basic reference help whenever you need it (within normal hours that humans are awake), from the comfort of your computer screen. If you need more in-depth knowledge about something, the librarian you chat with can share contact information with a subject librarian—you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get the help you need.

3. Stream movies for free
Before you get too excited, no, the library doesn’t offer a free subscription to Netflix. What the library does provide is a database of streaming websites that you can access with your Temple login information. You’ll have free access to new releases and other videos that you might need for class or research. Our favorite is kanopy because, well, it’s the most similar to Netflix.

4. Rent your tech needs 
You can borrow iPads, Chromebooks, DSLR cameras, audio recorders and GPS devices. Loan times vary depending on the device, so be sure you know when the library is expecting the electronics back. Temple knows where you live …

5. Borrow from other libraries with E-ZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan Services (ILLiad)
If the library doesn’t have what you need, and an online version isn’t available or doesn’t work for what you need, check out this option. E-ZBorrow is an agreement between our library and other libraries nearby. You can make a request and have your materials sent to Paley within a few days. If no local library has what you are looking for, ILLiad pulls from a larger group of libraries. FYI this option does take a bit longer. The cool thing is, if you only need one chapter of a book they can scan it for you to make a PDF instead of sending the whole book, which you would be able to keep forever.

6. Cut stuff with a laser, 3-D print and experience virtual reality 
The Digital Scholarship Center (ground floor, room 09A) is a space for collaborative research and a great place to get your hands on the most current technology. Here you can participate in workshops and safety training courses to learn how to use the stuff you should know how to use before you experiment i.e. a laser cutter. Also, there are two Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets available for your use.

7. Reserve group study space  
Breakout rooms in the TECH Center can fill up quickly. The library offers similar study spaces that make it easy to do group work. The library study rooms are less high-tech, but if you just need a quiet place to get together with other people then this will do the trick. Media viewing rooms are also available and can be reserved in advance.

Poke around the library's website to find even more information about these resources as well as events and special archives and collections hosted by Paley.

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