Posted September 6, 2018

Street Smarts 101: How to make sure you always get home safe and other stuff every Owl should know.

You know that feeling when you think you’re going to finish up at the TECH at 7 p.m. but in reality it’s 3 a.m. before you’re ready to go and it dawns on you that there are, like, six blocks between you and your bed? Since teleporting isn’t a thing (yet!), we’re coming at you with free late-night rides and security bike officer friends to escort you home cuz we’re 100 when it comes to your safety. And you should be 100, too, so peep these TU resources and tips!

An illustration of the Flight bus against a teal background.

Pay attention to your TUalerts

You def get them, but do you read them? On the real, TUalerts are a great way to know when situations and emergencies happen on and nearby campus. They also come in handy for info about inclement weather and campus closures, especially for snow days. They require immediate action, so stay prepared and away from areas mentioned in the alerts. For more info, visit Campus Safety Services’ TUalert FAQs.

Take Flight

Remember what we said about staying at the TECH ’til 3 a.m.? We weren’t lyin’. Yes, marathon study sessions are a real thing, but so is Flight—Temple’s free, late-night, on-demand shuttle service. Flight can take you to or from your off-campus residence to or from Main Campus. Just download the TapRide app, select “Temple University” and use your AccessNet login to request a ride anytime from your phone. It can pick you up literally from any of the key destinations on campus—think the Student Center, Morgan Hall, J&H (we see you fourth mealers)—and must begin or end at a residential address within the service boundaries of Cumberland Avenue, Fifth Street, Girard Avenue and 20th Street. Think of it as your personal Lyft or Uber...but in shuttle bus form.

Security bike friends aka walking escorts

DYK if you’re walking on campus alone at night you can literally call for a buddy to escort you? OK, so maybe they’re security officers on bikes, but they’re chill and nice. And besides, y’all can talk about classes or the Birds or The Bachelor or whatever to pass the time. Their hours are from 4 p.m.–6 a.m. To request an escort, call: 8-WALK (8-9255) from a campus phone or 215-777-9255 from your cell.

Pick up the [blue] phone

You’ve seen ’em all around campus. They’re blue, tall and slim (kinda like blue pool noodles on steroids), but they can be used in emergencies to notify the police and first responders. They can even be used in non-emergency situations, like if your car gets a flat or if you need a walking escort.

More Safety Tips

  • Beware of your surroundings, especially when using your headphones and definitely when taking a selfie/Snapchatting friends.   
  • Don’t know the campus patrol map? Get acquainted.
  • Walk in groups. Even at night. Because it’s safer and cooler tbh.
  • Always let someone know where you are or where you are going and who you’re with, cause we don’t want to be up all night worrying about you.
  • When commuting off campus, know your train schedules and station stops.
  • Might be a 'duh' thing, but lock your doors. All of them. Always.