Posted November 7, 2018

8 Awesome Things Baker Dave Has Made

Heard of Baker Dave aka Temple’s cake boss? He’s the guy who makes the TU Bigcake and pretty much every baked good you had in the dining hall or at the food court in the Student Center. When he’s not whipping up treats with some major guests on TUTV, he’s Temple’s official pastry chef—a position he’s held for 10 years. Some news: he’ll be competing on an upcoming episode of “Christmas Cookie Challenge” on the Food Network on Nov. 19. We figured it was our civic duty to round up some of Baker Dave’s best dishes. Have you nommed on some of these before? POSSIBLY. Are they all yummy? ABSOLUTELY.


When he made everything pumpkin for National Pumpkin Day.

And when we gorged on the Temple “T” at Homecoming via the TU Bigcake.

That time he put his whole foot in creating colorful cupcakes for National Coming Out Week.

Or when our fave celeb and alumnus, Kalen Allen, baked a peach cobbler with him.

Seriously, Baker Dave made these ultra-creative, ultra-decadent whoopie pies for National Cheeseburger Day. We’ll take a double …

And that time he pulled off creating a TU little big cake for Gradfest.

Or that time he schooled us on how to make a proper Irish soda bread. 

But, how can we forget when he made those green velvet cupcakes that were as wild as the Eagles’ Super Bowl win?

He’s really that dude! Check out more of his sugary confections at Johnson and Hardwick dining hall and the Student Center food court and see more of his mouth watering sweets on his Twitter and Instagram