Posted December 13, 2018

Nutshell's fave tweets from 2018

OK, we can’t actually say "bye" until we share our fave tweets from the year. Behold: 10 of the best and weirdest tweets from 2018. Think the Phillie Phanatic’s mom doing some PG-13 rated dance moves on campus. You’re welcome.


Gritty chasing the Temple student journalist who went viral for running out of the courthouse.

10. When we met the happiest police officer in all of Philadelphia on Super Bowl night.

9. When Temple’s police force one-upped the happiest officer …

8. When dreams really do come true. Ask and you shall receive, Owls.

7. When you and Meek Mill were on the same wavelength.

6. When we found out that the Phillie Phanatic has a mom named Phoebe who is an interesting dancer.  

5. When we realized not all squirrels are out to get us.  

4. When Gritty gave us major flashbacks.

3. When Panic! At The Disco is obsessed with you.

2. When Michelle Obama took over the Liacouras Center and the entire country went insane.  

1. When journalism student Cassie Semyon went viral for all the right reasons.