Posted December 16, 2020

Temple “T” face masks for sale

The popular cherry face mask is available for purchase in packs of three and proceeds will support current Temple students in need. 

A Temple community member wearing a Temple-branded mask.
Photography By: 
Joseph V. Labolito
Show off your Temple mask by including #MaskUpTU in your social posts.

Ever since the cherry, Temple-branded masks made their debut earlier this year, where to get one has been a question asked by many. During the fall 2020 semester, the masks were distributed only to the campus community—students, faculty and staff—for free, but many parents, alumni and other Temple supporters were eager to buy one (or a few!) to show their pride. 

Now, they’re officially available for purchase. By wearing a mask you do your part to keep yourself and others healthy and safe, and when you purchase a three-pack of Temple-branded masks, you’ll be supporting current Temple students as well.

Proceeds directly benefit the Temple University Student Emergency Aid Fund, which provides short-term financial assistance to students experiencing unusual or unforeseen hardships. The pandemic has put many of our students in vulnerable situations and supporting the Student Emergency Aid Fund can help them stay on track for long-term success. 

The masks are a comfortable two-ply polyester and cotton blend in cherry with a white “T” imprint. Each three-pack of masks costs $24, which includes shipping fees.

Masks can be purchased by visiting

Once you’ve got your Temple mask, be sure to show it off in your social posts and include the hashtag #MaskUpTU. You’ll encourage others to follow the same healthy behaviors that you are and share your Temple pride at the same time.