Professor Jonathan Singer wins 2012 Media Award

Jonathan Singer, assistant professor for the College of Health Professions and Social Work at Temple University, was one of ten people recognized by the National Association of Social Workers as winners of 2012 Media Awards. Recipients included documentary filmmakers, television producers, bloggers, newspaper reporters, columnists and other media professionals who helped raise awareness about social work services and critical social issues in 2011. More than 750 social workers and others casted their votes for the 37 nominees. Singer was awarded “Best Website” for his work as the founder and host of his Social Work Podcast, the first podcast by social workers for social workers, which features interviews with notable social workers and other officials. Some of the topics in 2011 included loneliness, military social work, runaways, coming out as an LGBT person and evidence-based practice. Singer also had research featured in the National Association of Social Workers’ monthly newsletter report “Social Work in the Public Eye.” The newsletter highlighted a study conducted by Singer, which revealed that suicidal tendencies occur among elementary school-aged children as well as adolescents.