Temple presenters at the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons receive high recognition

The Temple's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine received high recognition for their work that was presented at the AAOS (American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons) annual meeting in San Francisco.

Orthopaedic Resident Rick Tosti M.D. presented “Is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Necessary in Clean Soft Tissue Hand Surgery?" Co authored by John Fowler M.D., Joe Dwyer M.D., John Gaughan PHD, Asif Illyas M.D., Joseph Thoder M.D ., Alyssa Schaffer, this study explored infection rates and indications for antibiotic prophylaxis in clean hand surgery.

The Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons had a total of over 6000 submissions for podium presentations and 18% were selected for presentation. There were 200 hand abstracts and 45 were selected for presentation at the podium. This podium presentation was selected as one the best hand presentations and was re- presented at the “Best of the AAOS Symposium” on the final day.

Temple medical student Awad Ahmed B.A. presented a poster on Lovenox Leak: To Bridge or not to Bridge. Coauthored by Pekka Mooar M.D. and Mathew Kliner M.D. This paper and poster explored the complications of using enoxaparin as a bridge to warfarin for DVT prophylaxis in total hip arthroplasty. This was graded as the top poster submission in its class and selected as an alternative podium presentation.

Saqib Rehman M.D. presented an exhibit on handgun violence entitled: Handgun Injuries in 2012: What the Orthopedic Surgeon Needs to Know. This exhibit was co-authored by Mahin Rehman B.S. , Richard Han M.D., and Michael Garvey PhD. This collaborative exhibit with the Philadelphia Police Forensic Science Bureau, received wide attention and recognition and was reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Joseph Torg M.D. presented: Athletically induced MTBI and Predisposing Factors-Part 1: Protective Head Devices in Football. This paper written in collaboration with the Department of Kinesiology and the Dept. of Inter-collegiate Athletics from main campus was co-authored by Temple Medical Students Hank Hirsch BA., Melissa Tripoli BA., and by Dawn Comstock PHD, John Gaughan. PHD., Jimmy Rogers , MS, ATC, Ryan Tierney PHD and Paul Kelly BA The paper explored risk factors for concussions and the importance of helmet fitting. The paper was selected as a top paper of the sports medicine specialty day presentations by the AAOS. The presentation was picked up by NPR and presented locally on WHHY radio.

Emmanuel Aitiemo M.D. presented a poster co-authored by Asif Illyas M.D. entitled "Why do Corticosteroids Work in Stenosing Tenosynovitis: Histologic Evaluation of the Tenosynovium." Temple medical student James Mullen BA. coauthored a poster with Temple resident Richard Han M.D. and Ass. Professor Eric Kropf M.D. entitled: Evaluation of Glenohumeral Bone Defects in Shoulder Instability: Interobserver Reliability across Modalities. This poster was referenced from the podium during the shoulder instability symposium.

Three of these presentations were the result of the Temple Orthopedic Department Summer Research Program for first year medical students. All of the work was supported by the John Lachman Society and by the Temple Orthopaedic Department Office of Clinical Trials and Research Support under the direction of Joanne Donnelly.