Policy on minor safety revised

Temple University has revised its policy designed to ensure the safety of minors who visit and participate in programs and activities on campus.

“The original policy went into effect in December 2012, and after using it for more than a year, we wanted to make it more ‘user-friendly’ for faculty and staff,” said Fay Trachtenberg, associate university counsel. “We believe the new policy reinforces our intention to make sure that minors who come to Temple are safe.”

The new policy outlines the requirements for reporting abuse and neglect of a minor, in line with Temple policy and local, state and federal law. It also outlines the screening, training and conduct requirements of university programs and programs conducted on Temple property or with university resources.

As before, there is a section about unaffiliated minors who visit the residence halls, as well as requirements for employees and students who may need to bring their minor children to campus during school or work hours.

Additionally, an appendix has been added that outlines how to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect.

The revised policy, “Safety of Minors in University Programs,” is available on Temple’s Policies and Procedures website.

In addition, the university will roll out two new online training programs: “Preventing Discrimination and Harassment” and “Reporting Child Abuse on Campus.” All faculty and staff will be notified about how to take those online training sessions.