Temple University announces $600 tuition increase

In keeping with its commitment to keep tuition as low as possible, Temple University’s Board of Trustees today approved a $600 increase for undergraduate base tuition for 2014-15, a blended increase of 3.69 percent. Tuition will be $14,006 for Pennsylvania residents and $24,032 for out-of-state students. Mandatory fees will remain at $690.

Temple trustees also approved a more than $9.6 million increase in student financial aid, bringing the pool of financial aid available to students to approximately $100 million. When financial aid is considered, the average undergraduate Temple student will see a base tuition increase of about $233, or 1.84 percent.

At Temple, 60 percent of first-year students receive need-based financial aid. All students are automatically considered for academic scholarships.

“Temple University remains committed to increasing access to affordable higher education and to limiting student debt,” President Neil D. Theobald said. “We are very sensitive to the national crisis of student indebtedness and are attacking the issue from a variety of angles, including keeping tuition as low as possible.”

Temple’s comprehensive plan to help students manage college costs includes the Fly in 4 program, which provides $4,000 annual grants to help students limit the number of work hours they need to make ends meet. The program provides incoming undergraduates with the resources they need to graduate in four years, including academic advising that keeps them on track and classes that are offered when students need them.

Temple has also expanded its services and courses in financial literacy, including the Student Loan and Money Management Center, where students can learn about loans, credit and financing a college education.

“The top of the higher education priority list should be: How we help students earn their degrees without amassing excessive debt,” Theobald said. “As we help Temple students manage their money, we as a university must do the same. To that end, we have significantly increased efficiency, trimming $113 million from our operating budget in the last five years.”

During the previous two years, Temple has held tuition increases to an average of less than 1.5 percent.

Temple’s $1.26 billion budget for fiscal year 2014-15 includes level funding of $139.9 million from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The university’s Commonwealth appropriation has remained flat for three years.

Major cost drivers for this year’s increase include enhancements in student services and contractual salary increases.

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