Temple prohibits hoverboards on campus

In light of recent hazards related to hoverboards, Temple University is prohibiting these devices on all university campuses, including in residence halls and academic buildings, unless or until the university determines that appropriate standards can be implemented to reduce associated safety and fire risks.
Beginning with the spring 2016 semester, hoverboards may not be used, charged or stored anywhere on campus.
To learn more about the safety concerns associated with hoverboards, read a statement from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is investigating hoverboard-related fires.
The safety of the Temple community is our highest priority. Whether you are walking, biking, riding a skateboard or driving a car, keep personal and public safety in mind. Be responsible and respectful of others and mindful of pedestrians. 
Also, our skateboard community is encouraged to be respectful of campus property when using your board. Do not use it on steps, hand railings, ledges or use campus furniture as obstacles. Please be sensitive to plant life and high-traffic areas. Thank you, and have a great semester.
James P. Creedon
Senior Vice President for Construction, Facilities and Operations