Advisory for Temple employees who use SEPTA Regional Rail

SEPTA Regional Rail customers should expect crowded rail cars and major changes in their train schedules starting Tuesday. A “modified Saturday schedule” will be used by SEPTA for its Regional Rail customers on Tuesday, July 5, and on all weekdays until further notice.

Information on the schedule is available on SEPTA's website.

The changes were instituted after a defect was found that prompted the agency to pull 120 Silverliner V cars from service. These 120 cars represent approximately one-third of the Regional Rail fleet and account for about 13,000 available seats. SEPTA is warning that “the impact to our customers is substantial.” This situation is expected to continue through the summer. 

Because cars are expected to be full coming out of Center City, riders from Temple may consider taking a train inbound and switching to their normal outbound train at either Jefferson or Suburban stations. An alternative would be to take the Broad Street subway to City Hall and walk to Suburban Station to board a train.

In addition to allowing more time for rail transit or considering earlier trains, Regional Rail riders are encouraged to use other transit options.

Parking will be available on campus at both the Liacouras and Montgomery garages. If necessary, lots normally closed for the summer will be opened as demand increases. Campus police and parking staff will be available to provide information on alternative parking options.