Celebrate Temple University Rome's 50th anniversary

It’s like your best friend, a comfortable pair of shoes. It’s the best painting in the world, it’s the best pizza in the world.

“There’s just something about Rome,” said Teresa Monaco Morelli, manager of academic support and special events at Temple University Rome. “I still feel it.”

It’s magical. It’s old. It wasn’t built in a day. It’s the eternal city and celebrating Temple Rome’s 50th anniversary won’t be just one day either. Don’t save the date, save the entire year.

A golden anniversary is reason enough to celebrate, but Temple Rome’s anniversary is more than a milestone. It’s how Rome transformed Temple. It’s how students are given the opportunity to experience the world, how Temple is a global university.

Kick off the celebration stateside in September with Festa di Roma on Main Campus and the Temple Rome 50th anniversary homecoming tent at Lincoln Financial Field. Keep the festa going through May 2017 when the festivities take Rome. 

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