Message regarding Fox School

We reaffirm that The Fox School of Business and Management and Temple University's leadership apologize for the misreporting of certain program data to U.S. News and World Report. Accurate data and information ought to have been provided when we participated in the U.S. News rankings process, and we sincerely regret the fact that this was not done. Our students, faculty, alumni and business partners deserved better. 

We have learned some very valuable lessons about the need to ensure transparency and accuracy with respect to the provision of data to U.S. News. We will use these lessons to rebuild your trust. That effort has already begun and continues every day. The steps we have taken bring a new rigor to our reporting and include: 

  • A new performance analytics unit at the Fox School to implement a multi-step process for the aggregation, inspection, verification and submission of data.
  • New staff at the Fox School to enhance our ethics and compliance program, as well as internal reporting structures.
  • New university staff dedicated to data processes and practices.
  • New Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council to consult with the Fox Dean on these and other school matters.
  • New Ethics & Data Integrity Committee made up of Fox students, faculty and alumni to monitor ranking surveys, submissions, and data trends.
  • A university-wide effort to document and standardize data collection, verification and submission processes.
  • Technology and training improvements to support data integrity throughout the university.
  • The retention of an outside auditing firm to review rankings submissions, review data reports more broadly and ensure the effectiveness of these new measures. 

As we move forward, we are all grateful for the opportunity to regain the trust of students, alumni, faculty and the higher education and business communities. 

Richard M. Englert
Temple University

JoAnne A. Epps
Executive Vice President and Provost
Temple University

Ronald C. Anderson
Interim Dean
Fox School of Business