Statement from President Englert on the events at the U.S. Capitol

Few fundamentals of our country have been more cherished than the peaceful transfer of power based on the will of the people in an election. The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday was a frightening moment in our nation’s history brought about by those who attempted to challenge that foundational belief. We unequivocally and wholeheartedly denounce the violence and mayhem we witnessed.

Yesterday was a sad time for our nation. But I am heartened by the fact that our elected leaders were not cowed by the violence. Working through the night, they completed their duties and paved the way for our next president to take office. 

I often speak of Temple University as being the doorway to the American dream. That dream is one which is built on a shared understanding of our nation’s principles and a deep respect for the Constitution. We saw our elected leaders come together last night to complete their duties. It is my hope that our nation can use the events of yesterday to build those bridges that will move this country forward. As a public institution of higher education, we are ready to do our part.

Richard M. Englert