Fall class schedule update

Dear students,

As President Englert said in his March 1 message, we expect the fall semester will be primarily in person with a substantial number of students, faculty and staff returning to campus. Plans are underway to create as many in-person classroom opportunities as we can. Our schedule for fall classes reflects a growing number of in-person choices, even as we continue to expect health protocols that call for wearing masks, physical distancing, hand washing and health monitoring.

The fall schedule will be ready to view Tuesday, March 30, giving you time to plan your schedules and to consult with your advisors before registration begins on Monday, April 12. 

You will notice several trends in the scheduling for the fall. 

  • Not every Temple classroom will be in use as we continue to physically distance, so we’ll be taking full advantage of those classrooms that are available. What that means is that we are scheduling classes in all available time blocks, including early morning, late afternoon and evening.
  • Large lecture classes are the most likely to be online. Temple has very few classrooms that can accommodate hundreds of students in a physically distanced experience, so these classes will often be held virtually. 
  • As we identify additional spaces that can be safely used for in-person classes and as we monitor student registration activity, we will add more sections as needed in the coming weeks. 
  • For those students needing or seeking online course options, there will be online classes available.

Like you, we look forward to a campus that is bustling with faculty, students, and plenty of in-person experiences and activities. We will keep you updated as our planning continues. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you on campus this fall. 

JoAnne A. Epps 
Executive Vice President and Provost