Information about available support services and benefits

Dear faculty, staff and students,
As you heard from President Wingard, Temple is committed to supporting our community. We recognize that the Supreme Court’s decision may affect individuals in various ways. While the university continues to review its impact, we want you to know that there are no planned changes for services or benefits available to students, staff members or faculty members. 
As an institution of learning, our nationally recognized Temple scholars, experts and students are studying and weighing in on this impactful decision, and contributing to the national discourse. Not everyone will agree on all issues, nor need they. As a university, it is our responsibility to foster an educational environment that encourages a comprehensive examination of issues.    
We know the many emotions brought by this decision may feel overwhelming. We encourage any student on campus who may experience difficulty to seek support through Tuttleman Counseling Services (1700 N. Broad St., 215-204-7276). Students with healthcare questions can contact Student Health Services (1700 N. Broad St., 215-204-7500). Employees are likewise encouraged to take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program and can address questions regarding health benefits to Benefits Administration at 215-926-2270. 
Ken Kaiser
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Gregory Mandel
Senior Vice President and Provost