Temple University’s strategic plan

Dear Colleagues,

With pride and gratitude, I am pleased to present Temple University’s strategic plan. This plan is the product of a universitywide effort to identify our strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth to position Temple for success in the evolving world of higher education.

We are deeply grateful for and proud of the widespread participation of faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members. The planning process involved many hours of research, assessment, stakeholder meetings, survey reviews and brainstorming sessions. If not for the creativity, dedication, passion—and yes, perseverance—of the entire community, we would not have arrived at this moment of promise for Temple.

This plan could not come at a better time. Like most universities, we have faced demographic changes, the impact of the pandemic and societal upheaval over the last few years, along with the growing national concern about the value of higher education. This has resulted in enrollment changes and resulting budget challenges, and we are all properly focused on cutting costs and reexamining our operations accordingly. 

The challenges we face also offer a unique opportunity to shape an ambitious future for Temple. As we move forward with intentionality around our shared goals, how we evolve today allows us to invest in our priorities for tomorrow. In times of challenge, financial or otherwise, a strategic plan is a north star by which we can align the allocation of resources with our strategic priorities and initiatives. The more we are aligned, the more efficient, competitive and successful we can be.

While remaining true to our long-held mission and values, our strategic plan presents a bold vision for Temple. The five strategic priorities that anchor our plan—boundless access, educational value, thought leadership, community engagement and reputational excellence—are a contemporary embodiment of our mission and values. We hope they resonate with each of you and capture your own vision for the university. Each priority is bolstered by several initiatives that will have impact across Temple and lead to visible changes in teaching, learning and working here. To be responsive to the fast pace of change in our world, we need to ensure that our plan is dynamic and that we are agile and flexible in our responses. We will measure our progress and keep the university community informed about what we’ve accomplished.

Each of you plays an important role in helping us reach our goals. Please spend time reviewing the plan and thinking about how the work you do can contribute to what we aspire to be. Feel free to check back frequently and see where we are and where we’re headed. With your support, I am confident that the future of Temple is bright.


Gregory N. Mandel
Provost and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law