Planning for a potential TUGSA strike

Dear Students,

You may have heard that the Temple University Graduate Student Association (TUGSA), the union that represents some of Temple’s teaching and research assistants, is taking a vote to authorize a strike. While this does not necessarily mean that a strike will occur, the university wants you to know that we are prepared for the possibility and contingency planning is underway.  

Most importantly, know that you, the continuation of your studies and your completion of courses with minimal interruption are our priorities. The university has taken steps to ensure that 

  • your classes will continue through the end of the semester and into the spring semester;
  • your grades are secure;
  • you will have access to your classrooms, library and other facilities.  

Each school and college has appointed a “strike coordinator” who will serve as the liaison for communications from the university and be available to answer questions and concerns from students. The university has developed a web page that includes FAQs to assist you with any questions that may arise and includes a list of the strike coordinators. This information also will be available in your dean’s office, and we will continue to update the page as the situation develops. 

In the coming days and on an ongoing basis, we will provide you with information and resources to support you and keep you informed of any new developments. 

Please be assured that our priority is the quality and continuity of your classes during this time, and we are confident that we will provide both. 


Gregory N. Mandel
Provost and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law

Ken Kaiser
Chief Operating Officer