Update on TUalerts

To the Temple University community,

In response to a recent ruling passed down from the Federal Communications Commission, mobile carriers are requiring emergency notification system users to differentiate between emergency and operational SMS (text) messages.

To comply with this new requirement, Temple University will be making slight modifications to the TUalert messaging format. These changes are minor; however, we want to make you aware of the change and why it is happening.

Beginning January 2023, TUalerts will include the abbreviation ‘EMER’ for emergency. You will see ‘TUalertEMER’ followed by the message.

The TUalert system is designed to deliver critical information to our students, faculty and staff quickly via text and email. These alerts are only sent for situations, incidents or emergencies that pose an immediate threat or hazard on campus or within the university patrol zone. They are also intended to communicate information that requires immediate action. All email accounts are automatically registered to receive these alerts, but individual mobile devices must be registered in TUportal.

For more information on TUalerts, please review our TUalert FAQ. You can also follow @TempleAlert on Twitter to receive updates.


Nicola Mammes
Director of Emergency Management