Update on Temple University negotiations with TUGSA

Temple University and the Temple University Graduate Student Association (TUGSA) bargaining representatives are scheduled to meet with a mediator this week to discuss a path forward. The university’s top priority remains the shared learning experiences of students, and the community appreciates most graduate assistants, more than 80%, who continue their duties in instruction and research.  

This update provides information to clarify questions received from our students, faculty and staff following the decision by TUGSA to strike on Jan. 31.  

  • Classes are continuing as scheduled, with some interruptions reported because of faculty coverage issues. Students should attend all scheduled classes and meetings and contact their school if any problems occur. 

  • As previously noted, Temple's priority is its students and ensuring that their education continues with minimal disruption. For that reason, it is imperative that all students continue to attend the classes for which they are registered and complete assignments as required by the assigned instructor. This is the best way for students to be sure that their academic progress is not impeded and they earn the credits for which they are registered.

  • Research and teaching assistants who do not report to work will not be paid and are subject to tuition payments while remaining off the job.  

  • Parents are encouraged to contact their students’ colleges for more information about their classes and instructors. Colleges are sending updates directly to students.  

We look forward to focusing on negotiations that lead to a fair and equitable agreement. TUGSA members make an average salary of $25 an hour for a 20-hour work week in addition to free healthcare and tuition valued at $20,000. The union requested a 50% pay increase for its nine-month schedule, while Temple proposed an increase in line with increases provided to non-bargaining full-time employees and negotiated with full-time bargaining units.  

Temple University respects the rights of workers to express their views peacefully. We promise to communicate with our community regularly and our teams will continue to update TUGSA Strike during this work action.