Challenges ahead of us

Dear Temple Community,

Driving back from meetings with Governor Josh Shapiro and other legislators in Harrisburg today, I learned that TAUP, a union representing some of Temple’s faculty, is planning a Friday meeting to discuss confidence in me, Provost Greg Mandel and COO Ken Kaiser. This is truly disheartening, but please know that our love for, and unwavering commitment to, Temple University remains as strong as ever.

Our leadership team has worked together for the last 18 months to address the long-term challenges the university faces. We have made a series of analytical, data-driven, yet hard decisions that are painful—including actions on staffing, compensation, and budget "right-sizing” to accommodate national, declining enrollment trends. 

Hard decisions are unpopular and often misunderstood. But, they are critical for the future success and longevity of the university. The higher education sector is under siege across the nation, and Temple is poised to fight for survival and prominence. We must respond to new challenges in new ways. Change is hard. Innovative responsiveness requires courage. 

Doing this hard work has required a disciplined and focused approach, but it has been a truly inclusive process with university leaders, Trustees, best-in-class faculty and staff, and external partners. We have strategized and executed systematically—even as our university has faced unprecedented barriers, grief, and loss.

Moving forward, the entire leadership team and I are committed to continue listening to, and communicating with, all of our constituent communities, and we appreciate both your understanding and grace as we work together to navigate the university through this uncertain time.

We are all Temple Proud—even when times are tough. Perseverance does, indeed, conquer.

I am sincerely grateful to our community of Owl supporters—particularly the Temple students, faculty and staff who are the backbone of the university and continue to be the driving force of our recognition as a world-class institution.


Dr. Jason Wingard
President, Temple University