A message about the TAUP vote

Dear members of the Temple community, 

Temple University respects and takes seriously the sentiment expressed by TAUP in this vote. We have a long and proud tradition of welcoming free expression and I want to personally thank all constituencies who invest the energy and effort to make their feelings known. As a community, we may not always agree—and we don’t have to—but if we don’t share our views, we cannot increase our understanding and move forward. To ensure this, we must listen to the diverse perspectives of all Temple constituencies, act collaboratively and regain faculty confidence.

Since my appointment, I have met with faculty, prospective and current students, and government and community leaders. I have been gratified to know that our trustees also are engaged in a robust listening tour that includes deans, senior administrators, faculty, students, parents and representatives of campus safety. We will continue meeting with and listening to these and other groups in the weeks to come.

The collective energy and spirit of everyone who is committed to the future of this university brings a basis for optimism. With the support of the Board of Trustees and my leadership team, I am confident that together we are on the right path to lead the collective effort toward meaningful and sustainable impact.


JoAnne A. Epps 
Acting President