Introducing the new Owl mark

Dear members of the Temple community, 

For Owls across the country, there are few images that resonate more than the Temple “T.” The iconic symbol is a hallmark of this institution as its open ends represent the free exchange of ideas and speak to Temple’s mission of access. 

The “T” is a point of pride, and it will remain the primary mark of Temple University. It will now be joined by a new secondary mark that the Temple community can also rally around. Today, I am excited to introduce the university’s new Owl mark. 

The new mark celebrates Temple’s mascot, Temple’s athletic traditions and Temple’s legacy. It is a rallying cry for our sports teams, and it is an opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans to proudly display their Owl spirit and pride. 

As was the case with the Temple “T,” the new Owl mark was developed with the help of our highly talented students and faculty, who successfully captured the essence of who we are as a community. Although there have been many versions of the Owl that we have all grown to love, I’m excited for a new beginning. 

I invite you to learn more about the new Owl mark. I also want to thank everyone for their work in helping bring this new Owl mark to life. It is truly Temple Made. 


JoAnne A. Epps  
Acting President