Temple proposes significant gains for adjuncts; increases exceed previous agreement

Dear colleagues, 

As we look towards our May 13 bargaining session with the Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP), I am emailing to share an update on negotiations to date. During our Wednesday, May 1, meeting, TAUP provided university representatives with a requested economic counterproposal, along with a counter related to noneconomic issues. Within the same bargaining session, the university responded with a comprehensive counter to economic and noneconomic matters. 

The university’s counterproposal includes the following significant gains for adjuncts.

  1. A 28% increase of the per-credit minimum in year one for adjunct faculty from $1,600 to $2,050, retroactive for the fall 2023 semester, bringing the minimum for a three-credit course from $4,800 to $6,150. Most courses taught by adjunct faculty are three-credit courses.
  2. An increase to the per-credit minimum for adjunct faculty every year, beginning with the fall 2024 semester. 
  3. Multi-semester appointments for adjuncts after working at least five consecutive years. Currently, adjunct contracts are renewed for individual semesters. 

Additionally, the university’s economic counterproposal builds on the previous offer and exceeds across-the-board and merit pool increases in TAUP’s previous four-year agreement.

  • The university’s current proposal amounts to a minimum of 13% in increased salary, without merit increases, over the life of the contract, with those at a lower salary tier receiving the highest increases.
  • The university’s offer includes base salary increases of 4% or $4,000 (the larger number of the two) for full-time bargaining unit employees in year one, with those at a lower salary tier receiving the highest increases, along with a 1% merit pool, and then 2.25% across the board raises with an additional 1% merit pool in each of the next four years. 
  • By comparison, the last collective bargaining agreement between Temple University and TAUP (October 2019–October 2023) amounted to a 7.25% raise over the life of the contract without merit. The agreement included base salary increases of 1.625%, 1% merit pool and additional 0.25–0.75% merit increases for the first two years and 2% across-the-board raises, 1% merit pool with an additional 0–0.5% merit pool for the remaining two years.

More details on the package can be viewed here. The university has presented this package on the condition that it be ratified by May 15, 2024.

The university and TAUP have now entered the ninth month of negotiations. The next university meeting with TAUP is on Monday, May 13. We encourage you to review progress made to date by visiting the TAUP Negotiations page


Sharon Boyle
Vice President for Human Resources