Board chairman announces Presidential Search Committee

By and with the authority vested in the Chair of the Board under Section 7.2.F. of the
University’s Bylaws, I hereby establish a Presidential Search Committee to seek and evaluate candidates for President of Temple University pursuant to policies and procedures adopted by the Board.

Membership of the Presidential Search Committee is as follows:

Trustees (12)

  • Patrick J. O’Connor, Chair
  • Theodore Z. Davis
  • Ronald R. Donatucci
  • Richard J. Fox
  • Lewis F. Gould, Jr.
  • Lewis Katz
  • Susanna E. Lachs
  • Theodore A. McKee
  • Mitchell L. Morgan
  • Bret S. Perkins, President of Alumni Association
  • Daniel H. Polett
  • Jane Scaccetti

Faculty (2)

  • Paul S. LaFollette, Jr., President of Faculty Senate
  • Luis T. Gonzalez del Valle, Faculty Member

Student (1)

  • Colin P. Saltry, President of Student Government

George E. Moore, Esquire, University Counsel and Secretary, will act as Secretary to the Search Committee. Janet Carruth, Assistant Secretary to the University, will act as Assistant Secretary to the Committee.

Witt/Kieffer has been selected to be the search consulting firm to assist the committee in the process.

— Patrick J. O’Connor, Chairman of the Board