CARAS Program Project Grant Awards fall 2011

The Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies is pleased to announce that eighteen Research/Creative Project Grants have been made in the fall 2011 round of awards under the Creative Arts, Research and Scholarship (CARAS) program. The CARAS program provides funding for research, scholarly, and creative projects proposed by undergraduates in all schools and colleges and professional students in Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Podiatric Medicine. Proposals were submitted with the support of two faculty members including the faculty mentor and endorsed by the Dean of the School or College. The grants are administered by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies. Please see below for the list of successful applicants.


Boyer College of Music and Dance

David Sanders (Jazz Guitar Performance)

George Shearing Memorial Concert

Award: $ 3276.68

Mentor: Norman David


College of Education

Michael Zinno (Secondary Education, English) and Joseph Alpert (Political Science, Philosophy, German)

Is the Secret of Success Failure?

Award: $3442.99

Mentor: Donald Wargo


College of Engineering

Brittney Burchett (Electrical Engineering)

GPU Processing for Neural Signal Simulation

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Iyad Obeid


Vadim Linevich (Mechanical Engineering)

Particle Dispersion

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Shriram Pillapakkam


Ezekiel Ola (Mechanical Engineering), et al

Enhanced Stormwater Drainage System Using Rain Water Harvesting

Award: $2954.93

Mentor: Oleksandr Diloyan

*Partial funding provided by the Office of Sustainability


College of Health Professions and School of Social Work

Megan Lunny (Kinesiology)

The Effect of Delayed Puberty on Bone Strength Development

Award: $3,354.90

Mentor: Vanessa Yingling


Brigid Lyons (Therapeutic Recreation)

Physiological Effects of a Technology-Based Music Making Program in Skilled Nursing Residents

Award: $3,105.00

Mentor: Rhonda Nelson


College of Liberal Arts

Patrick Beckhorn (Anthropology)

Bicycle Culture and Sustainable Development in Delhi, India

Award: $3397.10

Mentor: Juris Milestone


Alyson Caine (Anthropology)

Biodistance Analyses of Several Ancient Near Eastern Populations

Award: $3,264.85

Mentor: Kimberly Williams


Reilly Wilson (Geography and Urban Studies)

Neoliberalism in Bosnian Play Space Provision

Award: $2,247.10

Mentor: Rickie Sanders


College of Science and Technology

Nicole Haloupek (Biochemistry)

Structure of Water at Biointerfaces: A Nonlinear Optical Approach

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Eric Borguet


Dallas Malzi (Biology)

Effects of the tail on stability of variable surface running in green anoles lizards

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Tonia Hsieh


Carl Schaaf (Biochemistry)

Energy crisis in cancer cells: a novel path to chemotherapy

Award: $3,449.82

Mentor: Evgeny Krynetskiy


Ashley Truxal (Chemistry)

Synthesis and Characterization of Alkyl-Terminated Silica Monolayers

Award: $3,338.34

Mentor: Eric Borguet


School of Communications and Theater

Alexandra Gibson and Alexandra Peck (Film and Media Arts)

Guests of a Nation—Short Film Adaptation

Award: $2,000.00

Mentor: Rodney Evans


Angela Wolf (Film and Media Arts)


Award: $2,000.00

Mentor: Elisabeth Subrin


Tyler School of Art

Melissa Kistler (Glass)

“esprit de corps”, Solo Exhibition

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Sharyn O’Mara


Paige Morris (Glass)

Untitled Solo Exhibition

Award: $3,450.00

Mentor: Sharyn O’Mara