HR to distribute updated employee manual

In a continuing effort to keep Temple employees informed of the latest university policies, this month Human Resources will distribute updated copies of the Temple University Employee Manual.

The 88-page booklet includes the latest changes to university policy and benefits and reflects several new areas of strategic focus, such as the employee home-ownership program. In addition, it clarifies existing policies such as FMLA and tuition remission.

The new manuals will be distributed in hard copy over the next month, but are available online immediately through the Human Resources website, When the updated hard copies arrive, please remember to recycle old employee manuals by placing into the nearest paper recycling bin.

The policies and procedures in the manual apply to all faculty and staff, however, policies included in the faculty handbook and collective bargaining units supersede provisions in the employee manual for those covered by these agreements.

While the employee manual outlines all university’s policies and procedures, it doesn’t cover every situation that may arise. Please contact Labor and Employee Relations at 215-204-5554 should you have questions or concerns about Temple’s employment policies and procedures.