Human Resources announces Special Employee Referral Program

Temple University recognizes that its employees are a highly valued resource, and accordingly, the university encourages employees to refer qualified applicants for consideration for openings. To help the university with its need for Campus Police, Temple has decided to offer an employee referral bonus for these positions. This is a limited program covering the need that currently exists, and therefore the university will not automatically continue the Special Employee Referral Program beyond the hiring of these officers.

The bonus: $250.

Any employee who refers a successful candidate for a Certified Police Officer Position between now and Jan. 25, 2007, will receive a one-time payment of $250 (less withholding for all applicable wages taxes) paid following successful completion of probationary period by the individual referred by the employee.

Eligibility and rules

All employees of Temple University are eligible, except for Human Resources Department employees and the hiring department management (supervisory role having any direct line reporting relationship to referred employee). The referring employee must be actively employed with no break in service at the time the payment is awarded. Only one (1) employee may refer an applicant. In the event that more than one employee completes a referral form for the same applicant, the Human Resources Department will consider only the first form received by the generalist responsible for filing the position. The forms will be compared for date and time received.

Processing requirements and notification

Employees referring a Campus Police officer must complete the form(pdf) and return it to Human Resources (fax: 215-204-5921). The referring employee must also instruct the applicant to identify him or her on the question portion of the application when submitting their application online. Please go to "Jobs@Temple" from the Temple home page,, and select Campus Police Officer, posting #09588.

Human Resources will confirm in writing when a successful hire is completed and provide necessary documentation to process payments.