Who needs college anyway?

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Philadelphia Daily News

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum thinks it's "intellectual snobbery" to say that every American should go to college. But tell that to Bob Stewart, of Northeast Philadelphia. After steady union work dried up a few years ago, a diploma became his quest for survival. 

Now 34, married with two kids, Stewart - seeking a steady paycheck close to home - finally bit the bullet three years ago and enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia while tending bar at night. He became editor of the student newspaper and is set to enroll in Temple's journalism program in the fall - but he still feels conflicted about employers who demand that sheepskin.

"I definitely think that you shouldn't need college," said Stewart, who believes that more employers could stress on-the-job training - as unions did in their heyday - in lieu of four-year colleges with their exorbitant tuition that's saddled middle-class students with massive debt.