Internal Audits establishes confidential web form

Temple University’s Office of Internal Audits has established a confidential web access form for asking questions, providing information, or offering suggestions to the Director of Internal Audits, James Bausman. The form is accessible through their website at

The primary responsibility of Internal Audits is to review significant functions at Temple and ensure that independent evaluations of ongoing operations are performed, internal controls and safeguards are adequate and effective, generally accepted accounting practices are followed, selected regulatory and legal requirements are complied with, and university policies and procedures are practiced.

The web form is intended solely for concerns of a financial or internal control nature, such as those regarding financial misconduct or misappropriation. Information received that is related to other areas of university governance such as Human Resources or Campus Safety Services will be forwarded to the appropriate department for further review. Employees may also submit these concerns directly to the designated departments as listed below:

  • Harassment or discrimination: Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Employee misconduct: Human Resources
  • Union issues: Human Resources
  • Inappropriate supervisor conduct or directives: Human Resources
  • Faculty misconduct: Provost's Office
  • Research misconduct: Vice President of Research
  • Academic fraud: Provost's Office
  • Faculty conflict of interest: Provost's Office
  • Criminal activity: Campus Safety Services
  • Unsafe conditions: Risk Management
  • Threats of violence: Campus Safety Services
  • Data privacy issues: Chief Information Security and Privacy Office
  • Misuse of the University computer and network systems: VP Computer Services
  • Student academic misconduct: VP Student Affairs
  • TUP billing issues: TUP Corporate Compliance Office

The university encourages employees to consider first discussing their concerns with their supervisors. However, the web access form offers the opportunity to remain anonymous. Please note that providing your contact information on the form will enable Internal Audits to respond personally to your concerns or questions and/or obtain follow-up information.

Internal Audits will handle all information received as confidentially and discretely as possible and will review and prioritize submissions based on an analysis of the facts and level of risk to the university.