Joan Delalic receives Ira Custman award

The International Society for Microelectronics And Packaging (IMAPS) has named Dr. Joan Delalic the recipient of the 2011 Ira Cushman Award for Service to the Keystone Chapter of IMAPS.

This award is bestowed annually upon a member who has served the chapter and IMAPS with dedication and continued service. Dr. Delalic has been a strong supporter of IMAPS and the Keystone Chapter. Also, as the faculty advisor for the Temple IMAPS Student Chapter she has been influential in the development of many packaging engineers. Through her efforts the Temple student chapter has consistently been recognized nationally as being among the top IMAPS student chapters.

The award is a cast Lexan plaque in the shape of a keystone with 18 embedded pennies. Ira Custman, an IMAPS and Keystone chapter founder is to have said that the chapter was founded with only 18 pennies for a treasury, his pocket change.