Message from Interim Provost Richard Englert: McGuire to depart Temple for Southern Education Foundation

Dear Colleagues:

It is with truly mixed emotions that I announce the upcoming departure of C. Kent McGuire, who has been dean of the College of Education for more than seven years.

Congratulations and celebrations are in order because, on November 8, Kent will begin his new role as President of the Southern Education Foundation in Atlanta. This foundation is rooted in more than a century of support for educational equality and excellence. These goals are a particularly good fit for Kent, who has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a deep commitment to both equality and excellence in education throughout his tenure at our College of Education.

In his seven years at Temple, Kent has brought new energy and strategic thinking to the College of Education. Through his efforts, the college has kept pace with the rapid technological advancements in the teaching profession; its educational programs have advanced to address the needs of students and the challenges facing teachers today; and the college’s reputation for quality in teaching and research has continued to grow among our peers both locally and nationally and in the estimation of the general public. Kent’s influence has also been felt beyond our campus; from the work he has done helping to create a higher level of teaching and learning engagement in Philadelphia-area schools to his efforts in developing significant educational programs at the Harrisburg Campus, he has been a true leader. He has also been a valuable member of the senior executive team of the university and a great collaborator.

On behalf of the entire Temple community, I want to thank Kent for his thoughtful leadership and his many contributions to the College of Education, Temple University, the City of Philadelphia and the entire educational profession across this nation. We wish him all the best as he assumes the helm at the Southern Education Foundation.

To prepare for the transition in leadership, my first step will be to hold a town hall meeting for the faculty and staff in the College of Education to hear your thoughts and to listen to your input as I work with the President to name an interim dean and to make plans for a national search. This meeting will be held in Walk Auditorium on Wednesday, October 13 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

I look forward to working with you as we begin an exciting new era for the College of Education.


Richard M. Englert

Interim Senior Vice President and Provost